we are proud to be a small business and pride ourselves on giving a completely personal and unique experience to each and every one of our clients. Keeping not just style but the environmental impact at the forefront of our mind when designing our salon, we’ve been able to create a beautiful sensory experience, with a clean and green conscience.

We’ve hand chosen specially selected recycled wood products, without the use of harmful chemicals and using only organic glues and dyes, opted for the newest eco technology to heat our water, and recycle all waste where possible to put both our clients and the environment at the heart of what we do.

All our clients are welcomed with a smile. Our deep, comfortable chairs and backwashes, complete with our pressure point head massage, have been designed to aid your relaxation and to help you drift away. Crystal clear background music fills the salon and our organic Parks London scents, alongside our fresh blooms, provide a beautiful aroma.

Here at LORD we’ve opted for open space rather than staff rooms and dark corners, allowing us to create our signature colour bar. A place where you can see how we mix and blend shades to create your individual colour service, giving you complete peace of mind.